Current Work

Regional Transit & Specialized Transit Plan
The 2045 Transit and Specialized Transportation Plans are the framework for the ongoing development and coordination of both transit services and human services (specialized) transportation for the Pikes Peak region. The plans are dynamic and updated every five years. Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT) is leading the development of the transit plan. The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) is leading the update to the specialized transportation coordination plan.

Past Projects

Call for Projects
On July 30, 2018 PPACG ended a call for projects seeking candidate projects to be included in the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). Projects are currently being scored based on the criteria approved by the PPACG Board of Directors on March 15, 2018. A draft fiscally constrained project list will be presented to the Board of Directors this fall, following review and discussion by the Transportation and Community Advisory Committees.

Small Area Forecast 
The 2045 Small Area Forecast was approved by the PPACG Board of Directors on July 11, 2018. The Small Area Forecast Report and output from our land use model UrbanSim are now available for download on the SAF page.

Needs Report
In April of 2018 PPACG released a Needs Report describing the state of the Pikes Peak Region’s transportation infrastructure. The report describes current and historical conditions for road and bridge condition, safety, and congestion, and summarizes the results of a recent survey conducted to gauge public perceptions of transportation needs. PPACG released the Needs Report just before the Call for Projects for the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan. We shared this report with potential project sponsors (entities who will be submitting projects for consideration in the LRTP) to ensure that proposed projects help meet the most pressing needs in our region. The Needs Report will ultimately be expanded to become the Needs Chapter of the 2045 LRTP.

Goals Survey and Workshop
During the spring of 2017, PPACG released a survey soliciting input from residents of the Pikes Peak Region about the relative importance of various transportation goals. The survey asked residents to share their thoughts about topics including road maintenance, safety, non-motorized transportation, environmental considerations, and new transportation technology, among others.

The survey was followed by a workshop to review major themes and continue identifying the regional priorities we should be addressing in the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan. The Power Point presentation given at the Goals Workshop provides an overview of the survey results and major themes discussed. Feedback received from the survey and workshop helped shape scenario development later that summer and fall.

Scenario Planning Workshop and Outreach
On June 8, 2017 PPACG hosted a Scenario Planning Workshop where stakeholders were asked to combine three land use scenarios and 15 contributing factors into “scenario pizzas.” The workshop agenda, PowerPoint presentation, and small group activity instructions provide an overview of the topics discussed.

Later that summer, PPACG staff attended six community events throughout the Pikes Peak Region to ask citizens their thoughts on how our region could develop in the future. We attended events at Pikes Peak Community College, the Woodland Park Farmers Market, the Tri-lakes Fourth of July Celebration, Fountain Valley Car Show, Manitou Springs Farmers Market and the El Paso County Fair. We asked over 300 participants at these events to tell us how important they thought topics like land use and housing, demographic trends, air and water quality concerns, and technology advances such as drones and autonomous vehicles, would be to the future of transportation in our region. Input from the workshop and community events was combined to develop three land use scenarios which are being used in the development of the 2045 Small Area Forecast and Long Range Transportation Plan.