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2021 Medicare Series

February 4; Week One:  Medicare Eligibility and Coverage (Parts A and B)

February 11; Week Two:  Medicare Options (Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans)

February 18; Week Three:  Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage)

February 25; Week Four:  Other Health Insurance Options (PERA, COBRA, FEHB, Tri-Care, Medicaid, and Employer Group Insurance)

Social Security 101

People approaching retirement age, adult children and others have many questions regarding social security. This class covers many of the common retirement topics including eligibility for retirement, how age affects retirement benefit, how work affects retirement benefit and how non-covered pensions (PERA) can potentially affect your Retirement and Survivor benefits.

Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging and PPLD Four Part Medicare Series Partnership

The PPLD and the Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging have taken your suggestions and have developed a Four-Part Medicare Series to dive more deeply into Medicare and retirement.  Please join us as we begin exploring Medicare on a new level in 2021.

Let’s face it!  Medicare can be confusing!  This series is designed to provide information to guide and support you as you make important health care decisions that affect the rest of your life!

Each week will each focus on a different part of Medicare.

Session 1:  Medicare Eligibility and Coverage (Part A/B)

Explains eligibility for enrolling in Medicare Parts A and B, how to enroll and when to enroll (enrollment periods).

Explains Medicare Parts A and B costs, what A and B cover (benefits) and options available when something is not covered by Medicare.

Session 2:  Medicare Options: Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans

This course assumes that the attendee’s already have a basic knowledge of Medicare A and B eligibility, enrollment and of benefits and coverage or that they have already attended Session 1:  Medicare Eligibility and Coverage.

Explains the 2 types of coverage consumers can choose from for additional insurance to go with their Medicare A and B: Medigaps and Medicare Advantage Plans, what they are, how they coordinate with Medicare and what coverage they provide for those enrolled in Medicare A and B.

Session 3:  Medicare Part D

This course explains the newest benefit of Medicare, Part D, for prescription drug coverage.  Details how Part D works, how to get it, what the costs are for Part D, eligibility and how to apply for financial assistance with Part D costs for those with low incomes.  Will also discuss other cost saving options available to consumers enrolled in Part D.

Session 4:  Medicare, Medicaid, and Other Health Insurance Options – What you need to know

Explains the CO Medicaid programs people with Medicare may be eligible for and how those Medicaid programs coordinate with Medicare.

Also discusses how other health insurance options work with Medicare such as Employer Group Health Plans  (EGHP) for active and retired employee’s, COBRA, TriCare For Life, PERA, FEHB, etc.


The speaker comes from the Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging Senior Insurance Assistance department, the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP). The SHIP has been at the forefront of this emerging boom to provide up to date, current insurance information.  These SHIP counselors are trained experts who do not sell or endorse any insurance products.  The Medicare series is designed to answer questions and provide information to help older adults make the most informed choices.


For information on Medicare Senior Insurance reach out at or call (719) 635-4891 for more information or questions

2021 Medicare Series

Classes will be held in February, April, June, August and October *Classes will be held virtually 
April 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd
June 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th

Social Security 101

People approaching retirement age, adult children and others have many questions regarding social security. This class covers many of the common retirement topics including:

* Eligibility for retirement

* How age affects retirement benefit

* How work affects retirement benefit

* How non-covered pensions (PERA) can potentially affect your Retirement and Survivor benefits.

2021 Classes

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Area Agency on Aging and Ent Retirement Series

Planning to retire?  Plan to attend!  

Every year Ent partners with the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) Agency on Aging to present FREE retirement prep classes. Find out the latest information on Social Security and Medicare plus how to plan for the financial, medical, legal and even social impacts of retirement. Attend one class or the entire series for great information and tools to jump-start your retirement planning

2020 Classes

Medicare 101 – Putting it all together with Medicare A, B and D coverage and enrollment options plus other insurance choices.   

Social Security 101 – An overview of retirement, spousal, survivor, child, and disability benefits plus the qualifications and application process for each.

Estate Planning – Learn about wills, medical and financial powers of attorney, living wills and creating a vital information list that includes the physical location of your will and a personal contacts list.

Meaning and Purpose – Hooray!  You don’t have to go to work!  So now what!  Just as you can benefit from financial planning for retirement, so you can benefit from planning for a sense of meaning and purpose.  This session invites you to think about how you can create the life you want in your retirement phase of life. 

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