Regional Advisory Council (RAC)

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july, 2020

20jul9:00 am11:00 amMedicare 101 - Morning Class

23jul10:00 am12:00 pmRegional Advisory Council

23jul5:30 pm7:30 pmMedicare 101 - Evening Class


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2017 Medicaid Veterans Book
2017 Yellow Book
2018 Yellowbook
2019 Colorado’s Adult Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits
2020 2023 Four Year Plan Region 4
2020 Senior Information and Assistance Guide – Yellow BookMissing Attachment
4 Year plan
AAA RAC meeting materials 3.28.2019RACMeetingMaterials3.28.2019
April 2018 RAC meeting materials
April RAC Meeting Material
August 2017 RAC meeting materials
Caregiver Support
Caregiver Support BrochureA resource for caregivers
February 2017 RAC meeting materials
February 2018 RAC meeting materials
January 2018 RAC meeting materials
July 2017 RAC meeting materials
March 2018 RAC meeting materials
MCC 1.28.2020MCC 1.28.2020 Agenda
MCC 11.26.2019 Meeting MaterialsMCC 11.26.2019 Agenda
MCC 2.26.20192.26.2019MCCMeetingMaterials
MCC 4.2018 Agenda
MCC 5.22.2018 Meeting Agenda
MCC 6.23.2020MCC.6.23.2020meetingmaterials
MCC 6.26.2018
MCC 7-25-17 Meeting Materials
MCC 8.2019Mobility Coordinating Committee Roster 8.19
MCC Agenda 2-27-18
MCC Bylaws
MCC May 2017 Meeting Materials
MCC May 2017 Meeting Minutes
MCC May Meeting Minutes
MCC Meeting Materials 1-23-18
MCC Meeting Materials 1.22.20191.22.2019MCCMeetingMaterials
MCC Meeting Materials 10-24-17
MCC Meeting Materials 10.22.2019MCC 10.22.2019 Agenda
MCC Meeting Materials 10.23.18
MCC Meeting Materials 11-28-17
MCC Meeting Materials 11.27.2018MCCMeetingMaterials11.27.18
MCC Meeting Materials 2.25.20
MCC Meeting materials 4.23.2019MCCMeetingmaterials4.2019
MCC Meeting Materials 5.21.2019MCCMeetingMaterials5.28.2019MCCMeetingMaterials5.28.2019
MCC Meeting Materials 5.26.2020MCCMeetingMaterials5.26.2020
MCC Meeting Materials 6.2019MCC Meeting Materials 6.25.19MCC Meeting Materials 6.25.19MCC Meeting Materials 6.25.19
MCC Meeting Materials 7.23.19MCCMeetingMaterials7.23.19
MCC Meeting Materials 8.27.2019MCC8.2019MeetingMaterials
MCC Meeting Materials 9-26-17
MCC Meeting Materials 9.25.2018
MCC Meeting minutes
MCC Meeting Minutes 4.2018MCC 4-24-18 Minutes
MCC meeting minutes April 2018
MCC Minutes 9.2019Item 7B – MCC 3.2019 meeting minutes
MCC Roster
November 2017 RAC meeting materials
October 2016 RAC meeting materials
October 2017 RAC meeting materials
Ombudsman BrochureBrochure for Ombudsman Program
PPACG Quarterly Newsletter – September 2019
RAC Feburary Meeting Materials
RAC June Meeting Materials
RAC Meeting Materials
RAC Meeting Materials 1.23.2020RAC Meetingmaterials 1.23.2020
RAC Meeting Materials 1.31.2019RAC Meetingmaterials 1.31.2019
RAC meeting materials 10.31.2019RACMeetingMaterials10.31.2019
RAC Meeting Materials 10/25/18
RAC Meeting Materials 11.29.2018RACMeetingMaterials11.29.2018RACMeetingMaterials11.29.2018
RAC meeting materials 12.5.2019RAC meetingmaterials12.5.19
RAC Meeting Materials 2.23.2020RAC 4.23.2020 meetingmaterials
RAC Meeting Materials 2.27.2020RACMeetingMaterials2.27.2020
RAC meeting materials 2.28.2019RACMeetingmaterials2.28.2019
RAC Meeting Materials 4.25.19RACMeetingMaterials4.25.2019RACMeetingMaterials4.25.2019
RAC Meeting Materials 5.28.2020RACMeetingMaterials5.28.2020
RAC Meeting Materials 5.30.2019RACMeetingMaterials5.2019
RAC Meeting materials 6.25.2020RACMeetingmaterials6.25.2020
RAC Meeting Materials 6.27.2019
RAC Meeting Materials 6.28.18
RAC Meeting Materials 8.1.19RAC Meeting Materials 8.1.19
RAC Meeting materials 8.2019RAC Meeting Materials 8.2019
RAC Meeting Materials 8.30.2018
RAC Meeting Materials 9.26.19RAC9.26.19 Meeting Materials
RAC meeting materials 9.27.2018
RAC Meeting Minutes
RAC Meeting Minutestem 7E – RAC Minutes draft 3.28.2019
RAC Membership Roster 20192019 Regional Advisory Council 2019 Membership Roster
RAC Minutes June
RAC Roster 2018
Senior Insurance
September 2017 RAC meeting materials
SHIP Declaration Celebration of 25 Years
Yellow Book 2016The 2016 Yellow Book is a resource directory for older adults and their caregivers.

The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments is a voluntary organization of municipal and county governments serving a regional community. Formed in 1967 under Colorado law, PPACG’s mission is to ensure that all communities—big and small—have a forum to:

  • Discuss issues that cross their political boundaries
  • Identify shared opportunities and challenges
  • Develop collaborative strategies for action

PPACG Members

  • El Paso County
  • Park County
  • Teller County
  • Alma
  • Calhan
  • Colorado Springs
  • Cripple Creek
  • Fairplay
  • Fountain
  • Green Mountain Falls
  • Manitou Springs, Monument
  • Palmer Lake
  • Ramah
  • Victor
  • Woodland Park