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09.10.18 Board workshop agenda
1-18-18 TAC Meeting Materials
1-31-18 CAC Meeting Materials
1.4.2019 Board of Directors Workshop01.04.2019 Workshop Agenda
1.9.2019 Board of Directors Meeting Materials1.09.2019 Meeting Materials BOD
10.19 PPACG BOD Meeting Materials10.19BODMeetingMaterials10.19BODMeetingMaterials
10.201910.4.2019 Workshop Agenda
11-29-17 CAC Meeting Materials
12-08-17 Board Workshop Agenda
12.10.2018 BOD Workshop agenda12102018 Workshop Agenda
12.4.19 BOD Workshop12.4.2019 Workshop Agenda
12.4.2019 CAC meeting materialsCAC 11&12.2019 Meeting Materials
2.12.2020 PPACG BOD Meeting Materials2.12.20 BODMeetingMaterials2.12.20 BODMeetingMaterials
2.20 AQTC Agenda
2.20 AQTC Minutes2.20 Minutes
2.28.18 CAC Meeting & Materials
2.7.20 Board Workshop Agenda2.7.2020 Workshop Agenda
2014 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2015 Budget
2016 Annual Report
2016 Budget
2016 JLUS Community Survey News Release
2017 Budget
2017 Budget
2017 Medicaid Veterans Book
2017 PPACG Audit
2017 SHIP Declaration Celebration of 25 Years
2017 Yellow Book
2017-2022 TIP amendment 16
2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-12 & Admin. Changes 1-8
2017/2018 Annual Report and 50th Anniversary
2018 Budget
2018 Yellow Book Scope of Work
2018 Yellowbook
2018 Yellowbook
2019 Annual Report
2019 Budget
2019 Colorado’s Adult Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits
2019 Draft Public Participation Plan
2019 Work Program
2019-2022 TIP Document
2019-2022 TIP Funding Table
2020 AQ flyer
2020 AQAW proclamation
2020 Budget
2020 Senior Information and Assistance Guide – Yellow BookMissing Attachment
2020-2023 Four Year Plan Region 4
2030 Sustainability Plan
2040 LRTP Appendix A- Public Participation Plan
2040 LRTP Appendix B- CDOT Revenue Estimates
2040 LRTP Appendix C- Specialized Transportation
2040 LRTP Appendix D- 2040 Small Area Forecast
2040 LRTP Appendix E- 2040 RTP Transit
2040 LRTP Appendix F- Regional Non-motorized Plan
2040 LRTP Appendix G- Indicator Methodology And Scenario Outcomes
2040 LRTP Appendix H- CMP Corridor Plans
2040 LRTP Appendix I- 2016-2019 TIP
2040 LRTP Appendix J- Traffic Noise Analysis
2040 LRTP Appendix K- Integrated Regional Mitigation Plan
2040 LRTP Appendix L- Title VI Environmental Justice
2040 LRTP Appendix M- Safety Research Report
2040 LRTP- Chapter 1
2040 LRTP- Chapter 10
2040 LRTP- Chapter 11
2040 LRTP- Chapter 12
2040 LRTP- Chapter 13
2040 LRTP- Chapter 14
2040 LRTP- Chapter 15
2040 LRTP- Chapter 2
2040 LRTP- Chapter 3
2040 LRTP- Chapter 4
2040 LRTP- Chapter 5
2040 LRTP- Chapter 6
2040 LRTP- Chapter 7
2040 LRTP- Chapter 8
2040 LRTP- Chapter 8
2040 LRTP- Chapter 9
2040 Plan Appendix F: Regional Non-motorized Plan
2040 Plan Chapter 1: Introduction
2040 Plan Chapter 11: Regional Transportation Security
2040 Plan Chapter 13: Public Health + Transportation
2040 Plan Chapter 14: Mitigation and Monitoring
2040 Plan Chapter 15: Air-Quality Conformity
2040 Plan Chapter 2: Regional Setting
2040 Plan Chapter 3: Planning Process
2040 RTP Transit-Appendix E2040 RTP Transit-Appendix E is part of the 2040 plan.Transportation
2045 Long Range Transportation Plan Goals Survey Results
2045 Long Range Transportation Plan Scenario Development
2045 LRTP Call For Projects Application
3-2-2020 PPACG Legislative Positions
3.20 WQMC03.20 Agenda
4 Year plan
5.20 AQTC5.20 Agenda
6.20 AQTC6.20 Agenda
6.20 AQTC
6/29 Legislative Committee Agenda
7-12-17 Board Meeting Minutes
7-26-17 CAC Meeting Materials
7-26-17 CAC Minutes
7.20 AQTC Agenda
7.20 WQMC7.20 Agenda Package
7.2020 AQTC Minutes Package7.20 Minutes Package
7/13 Legislative Committee Agenda
AAA RAC meeting materials 3.28.2019RACMeetingMaterials3.28.2019
Accounting SpecialistMissing Attachment
Air Quality Report 2013
Air Quality Technical Committee meeting materials 3.27.2019AQTCMeetingMaterials3.2019
Annual Listing of Federally Obligated Projects
April 11, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting materials
April 2014
April 2015
April 2016
April 2017 Finance Report
April 2018 Board of Directors Workshop
April 2018 RAC meeting materials
April RAC Meeting Material
AQ and Children
AQ and SeniorsAQ_Senior_Care_1
AQ BookmarkBookmark_Ozone Final
AQ report 20205-year_PPR_AQ_Report final
AQTC 5.20 Minutes5.20 AQTC package
AQTC 8.2019Enviorment
AQTC 9.199.19 Minutes
AQTC 9.19Enviorment
AQTC Bylaws
AQTC June 20196.19 Agenda_Packet
AQTC Meeting Materials 1.16.2019AQTC 1.16.2019 meeting materials
AQTC Meeting materials 2.27.2019AQTCMeetingMaterials2.27.2019
AQTC meeting materials 4.24.19MeetingMaterials4.24.19AQTCMeetingMaterials4.24.19AQTC
AQTC Meeting materials 5.22.20195.19 Agenda
AQTC Roster
Area Agency on Aging Program Development Administrator – Job DescriptionProgram Development Administrator
August 2014
August 2015
August 2016
August 2017 CAC Meeting Materials
August 2017 RAC meeting materials
August 2018 Newsletter
Benefit SummaryMissing Attachment
Board 12-13-17 Minutes
Board Meeting Materials 1-10-18
Board Meeting Materials August 2017
Board Meeting Materials June 2017
Board Meeting Materials October 2017
Board Minutes June 2017
Board of Director Meeting Minutes
Board of Directors 3.13.2019BoardofDirectorsMeetingMaterials3.13.2019
Board of Directors 4.10.2019BODMeetingMaterials4.10.2019
Board of Directors Bylaws
Board of Directors Bylaws
Board of Directors December Workshop Agenda
Board of Directors Meeting 11.14.2018BODMeetingMaterials11.14.18
Board of Directors Meeting 5.13.20BODMeetingMaterials5.2020
Board of Directors Meeting Materials November 2017Missing Attachment
Board of Directors Meeting Materials 03-14-2018
Board of Directors Meeting Materials 09.12.18
Board of Directors Meeting Materials 10.10.18
Board of Directors Meeting Materials 2.13.2019BoardMeetingMaterials2.13.19
Board of Directors Meeting Materials 3.11.2020BODMeetingMaterials3.11.20
Board of Directors Meeting Materials April 2017
Board of Directors Meeting Materials December 2017
Board of Directors Meeting Materials February 2017
Board of Directors Meeting Materials January 2017
Board of Directors Meeting Materials June 2017
Board of Directors Meeting Materials March 2017
Board of Directors Meeting Materials May 2017
Board of Directors Meeting Materials revised 3.20.2019BoardofDirectorsMeetingMaterials3.13.2019
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Board of Directors meeting minutes 3.20.19Item 4A – 3.20.2019 BOD Meeting Minutes
Board of Directors Roster
Board of Directors Roster
Board of Directors Roster 2.19Board Roster 2.19Board Roster 2.19
Board of Directors workshop 11.9.18
Board of Directors Workshop 2.8.201902.8.2019 Workshop Agenda02.8.2019 Workshop Agenda
Board of Directors workshop 3.8.201903.8.2019 Workshop Agenda
Board of Directors Workshop 4.5.1904.5.2019 Workshop Agenda
Board of Directors Workshop 5.8.20205.8.2020 Workshop Agenda
Board of Directors Workshop Agenda 10-6-17
Board Roster 1.18
Board Roster 1/18
Board Roster 2.18
Board Roster 7.17
Board Roster July 2018
Board Workshop Agenda 1-5-18
Board Workshop Agenda 10-6-17
Board Workshop Agenda 10.05.18
BOD Meeting Materials
BOD Roster 1.2019Board Roster 1.19Board Roster 1.19Board Roster 1.19
BOD workshop Workshop Agenda
BOD workshop Workshop Agenda
BOD Workshop 7.8.2020
BOD workshop Workshop Agenda
Bod Workshop agenda 1.20201.8.2020 Workshop Agenda
BOD Workshop agenda Workshop Agenda
Bylaws Meeting Agenda
CAC 04.25.2018 Meeting Materials
CAC 12-27-17 Minutes
CAC 3-18 Roster
CAC 6.27.2018 Meeting Materials
CAC 7.31.19CAC MeetingMaterials 7.31.19
CAC Bylaws
CAC Bylaws
CAC Febuary Meeting Materials
CAC Meeting Materials 1.29.2020CACMeetingMaterials1.29.2020
CAC Meeting Materials 1.30.2019CAC1.30.2019 Meetingmaterials
CAC Meeting Materials 10-25-17
CAC Meeting Materials 10.30.2019CACmeetingmaterials10.30.2019
CAC meeting materials 10.31.18
CAC Meeting Materials 11.28.2018CACMeetingMaterials11.28.18
CAC Meeting Materials 12-27-17
CAC Meeting Materials 12.19.2018CACMeetingMaterials12.19.2018CACMeetingMaterials12.19.2018
CAC Meeting Materials 2.26.20CAC MeetingMaterials 2.26.20
CAC Meeting Materials 2.27.2019MeetingMaterialsCAC2.27.2019
CAC Meeting Materials 3.25.2020CACMeetingMaterials3.25.2020
CAC Meeting Materials 4.24.2019CACMeetingMaterials4.24.2019
CAC Meeting Materials 4.29.2020CACmeetingmaterials4.29.2020
CAC Meeting materials 5.27.2020CACMeetingMaterials5.27.2020
CAC Meeting Materials 5.29.2019CACMeetingMaterials5.22.2019
CAC Meeting Materials 5.30.2018
CAC Meeting Materials 6.24.2020
CAC Meeting Materials 6.26.2019CAC Meeting Materials
CAC Meeting Materials 7.25.18
CAC Meeting Materials 7.29.2020
CAC Meeting Materials 8.28.20198.2019CACmeetingmaterials
CAC Meeting Materials 9-27-17
CAC Meeting materials August 29, 2018
CAC Meeting Materials June 2017
CAC meeting minutes August 2018
CAC minutes 3.2019Item 7D – CAC March 27, 2019 Meeting MinutesItem 7D – CAC March 27, 2019 …
CAC Minutes June
CAC RosterCAC – Membership Roster. 8.2019CAC – Membership Roster. 8.2019
CAC Roster 1/18
CAC Roster 7.17
CAC Roster 9.17
CAC Roster August 2018
Call For Projects Application Instructions
Caregiver Support
Caregiver Support BrochureA resource for caregivers
Chapter 8 – Implementation Plan
Community Advisory Committee January 25th 2017
Community Advisory Committee Meeting Materials 9.26.18
Community Advisory Committee Roster
December 12, 2018 BOD Meeting Materials12.18BODMeetingMaterials
December 2014
December 2015
December 2016
December 2018 Newsletter
December 2019 Financial Report
December 2019 Quarterly Newsletter
document test transport
Draft FY 2019-2022 TIP With Public Comments
Draft PPACG Board Member Orientation Handbook
DRCOG UrbanSIM Presentation
Environmental Planner Job DescriptionMissing Attachment
February 2014
February 2015
February 2016
February 2017 Financial ReportMissing Attachment
February 2017 RAC meeting materials
February 2018 RAC meeting materials
February 2019 Newsletter
February 2020 Financial Report
FFY 2018 Annual Listing of Federally Obligated ProjectsThe  documents will download automatically if not please click here.Transportation
Full 2019-2022 Board Approved Packet – with approvals/amend
Full TIp 2019-2022 Board Approved with approvals 071718Missing Attachment
FY 2017 Annual Listing Listing of Federally Obligated Projects
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-10 & Admin. Changes 1-6
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-11 & Admin. Changes 1-7
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-13 & Admin. Changes 1-10
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-13 & Admin. Changes 1-8
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-13 & Administrative Changes 1-10
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-13 And Admin. Changes 1-9
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-15 & Admin. Changes 1-11
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-16 And Admin. Changes 1-11
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-17 & Admin. Changes 1-13
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-17 Admin. Changes 1-12
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-17 Admin. Changes 1-13- June 7, 2018
FY 2017-2022 TIP- Amendments 1-13 & Administrative Changes 1-9
FY 2018 & 2019 Unified Planning Work Program (Amended 7-11-18)Missing Attachment
FY 2019-2022 TIP Call for Projects Application
FY 2019-2022 TIP Policies and Application Instructions for Call for Projects
FY 2019-2022 TIP with Amend 1 and Admin 3
FY 2019-2022 TIP- Board Approved- April 12, 2012
Goals Workshop PresentationTransportation
Graphic Design RFP – 2019 Projects
January 18, 2018 TAC Packet
January 2014
January 2015
January 2016
January 2017 Financial ReportMissing Attachment
January 2018 RAC meeting materialsAging
January 2020 Financial Report
JLUS Bylaws
JLUS Fact Sheet
JLUS Implementation Committee 7-25-19
JLUS January 23 Committee Packet
JLUS Open House Boards
JLUS Policy Committee Bylaws
JLUS Policy Committee Bylaws
JLUS Policy Committee Meeting Materials 4-27-17
JLUS Policy Committee Roster
JLUS Public Input Meeting 2-23-17 Meeting Report
JLUS Technical Committee 6-1-17 Meeting Materials
JLUS Technical Committee Bylaws
JLUS Technical Committee Meeting Minutes 4-6-17
JLUS Technical Committee Roster
Job Application 2018
Joint Land Use Technical Committee December Meeting Materials
July 2014
July 2015
July 2016
July 2017 RAC meeting materials
July 2018 Newsletter
July Board Meeting Materials
June 08, 2018 Board of Directors Workshop Agenda
June 13 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Materials
June 13, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting materialsMissing Attachment
June 15, 2020 Legislative Committee Meeting Agenda
June 2015
June 2016
June 2017 TAC Minutes
June 2018 Newsletter
June 2019 Quarterly Newsletter
June 8, 2020 Legislative Committee Agenda
Legislative Committee Agenda 1-27-2020
Legislative Committee Agenda 2-10-2020
Legislative Committee Agenda 2-24-2020
LEP Plan
March 2 Legislative Committee Meeting Agenda
March 2014
March 2015
March 2016
March 2017 Finance Report
March 2018 RAC meeting materials
March Meeting Materials for BOD
May 11 Legislative Committee Agenda
May 2014
May 2015
May 2016
May Finance Report
MCC 1.28.2020MCC 1.28.2020 Agenda
MCC 11.26.2019 Meeting MaterialsMCC 11.26.2019 Agenda
MCC 2.26.20192.26.2019MCCMeetingMaterials
MCC 4.2018 Agenda
MCC 5.22.2018 Meeting Agenda
MCC 6.23.2020MCC.6.23.2020meetingmaterials
MCC 6.26.2018
MCC 7-25-17 Meeting Materials
MCC 7.28.2020MCCmaterials7.28.20
MCC 8.2019Mobility Coordinating Committee Roster 8.19
MCC Agenda 2-27-18
MCC Bylaws
MCC May 2017 Meeting Materials
MCC May 2017 Meeting Minutes
MCC May Meeting Minutes
MCC Meeting Materials 1-23-18
MCC Meeting Materials 1.22.20191.22.2019MCCMeetingMaterials
MCC Meeting Materials 10-24-17
MCC Meeting Materials 10.22.2019MCC 10.22.2019 Agenda
MCC Meeting Materials 10.23.18
MCC Meeting Materials 11-28-17
MCC Meeting Materials 11.27.2018MCCMeetingMaterials11.27.18
MCC Meeting Materials 2.25.20
MCC Meeting materials 4.23.2019MCCMeetingmaterials4.2019
MCC Meeting Materials 5.21.2019MCCMeetingMaterials5.28.2019MCCMeetingMaterials5.28.2019
MCC Meeting Materials 5.26.2020MCCMeetingMaterials5.26.2020
MCC Meeting Materials 6.2019MCC Meeting Materials 6.25.19MCC Meeting Materials 6.25.19MCC Meeting Materials 6.25.19
MCC Meeting Materials 7.23.19MCCMeetingMaterials7.23.19
MCC Meeting Materials 8.27.2019MCC8.2019MeetingMaterials
MCC Meeting Materials 9-26-17
MCC Meeting Materials 9.25.2018
MCC Meeting minutes
MCC Meeting Minutes 4.2018MCC 4-24-18 Minutes
MCC meeting minutes April 2018
MCC Minutes 9.2019Item 7B – MCC 3.2019 meeting minutes
MCC Roster
Medicare/SMP Newsletter January 2019Aging
Mobility Coordinator
November 2014
November 2015
November 2016
November 2017 RAC meeting materials
November 2018 Newsletter
November 2019 Financial Report
October 2014
October 2015
October 2016
October 2016 RAC meeting materials
October 2017 Newsletter
October 2017 RAC meeting materials
Ombudsman BrochureBrochure for Ombudsman Program
Ozone Air Aware Flyerhttp://www.ppacg.org/file/2019/12/aq_airawareflyer09192019.pdf
Policy Committee Roster
PPACG 2017 Budget
PPACG August 2017 Newsletter August 2017 Final
PPACG Board Bylaws 2019
PPACG Board Handbook
PPACG Board Meeting Materials 2-14-18
PPACG Board Meeting Materials Sept 2017
PPACG Board Meeting Materials September 2017
PPACG Board of Directors 6.10.2020BODMeetingMaterials6.10.20
PPACG Board of Directors 8.12.20208.12.20BODMeetingMaterials
PPACG Board of Directors Bylaws 2017
PPACG Board of Directors Meeting Materials 05.09.2018
PPACG Board of Directors Meeting Materials 4.8.20204.8.20BoardmeetingmaterialsMissing Attachment
PPACG Board of Directors Strategic Planning Retreat Agenda
PPACG Board of Directors Workshop 05.04.2018
PPACG Board of Directors Workshop 6.5.20206.5.2020 Workshop Agenda
PPACG Board of Directors WOrkshop Agenda 2-09-18
PPACG Board Workshop 2-9-18
PPACG Board Workshop Agenda 2-09-18
PPACG Board Workshop agenda 4.3.2020
PPACG BOD 7.8.2020 meeting materials7.8.2020Board Meetingmaterials7.8.2020Board MeetingmaterialsMissing Attachment
PPACG BOD 8.14.2019BODMeetingMaterials8.14.19
PPACG BOD Meeting Materials 1.8.20202.12.20 BODMeetingMaterialsBODMeetingMaterials1.8.2020
PPACG BOD meeting materials 11.13.19BODMeetingMaterials11.13.19
PPACG BOD meeting materials 12.11.19BODMeetingmaterials12.11.19BODMeetingmaterials12.11.19
PPACG BOD meeting materials 6.12.19BODMeetingMaterials6.12.2019
PPACG BOD Meeting materials
PPACG BOD Meeting Minutes 4.11.2018
PPACG BOD Workshop 11.8.1911.13.2019 Workshop Agenda
PPACG BOD Workshop Workshop Agenda
PPACG BOD Workshop Workshop Agenda
PPACG BOD Workshop agenda Workshop Agenda
PPACG CAC 3.28.2018
PPACG CAC Meeting Materials 1-31-18
PPACG CAC Meeting Materials 3.27.2019CACMeetingmaterials3.27.2019
PPACG CAC Meeting Materials Meeting materials9.25.19CAC Meeting materials
PPACG CAC Meeting Minutes 4.2018
PPACG CAC Roster 1.2019CAC – Membership Roster. 1.2019
PPACG Certification ReportTransportation
PPACG Legislative Positions 2020
PPACG Strategic Plan 2018PPACG Strategic Plan 2018
Program Assistant Job DescriptionMissing Attachment
Project Cost-Overrun QuestionnairePPACG Project Sponsor Cost-Overrun Questionnaire
Proposers Conference – Service Providers for Older Adults RFP RequirementThe 2020-2021 Proposers’ Conference will be held at May 12, 2020 09:30 AM Mountain Time …
Public Participation Plan
RAC Bylaws
RAC Feburary Meeting Materials
RAC June Meeting Materials
RAC Meeting Materials
RAC Meeting Materials 1.23.2020RAC Meetingmaterials 1.23.2020
RAC Meeting Materials 1.31.2019RAC Meetingmaterials 1.31.2019
RAC meeting materials 10.31.2019RACMeetingMaterials10.31.2019
RAC Meeting Materials 10/25/18
RAC Meeting Materials 11.29.2018RACMeetingMaterials11.29.2018RACMeetingMaterials11.29.2018
RAC meeting materials 12.5.2019RAC meetingmaterials12.5.19
RAC Meeting Materials 2.23.2020RAC 4.23.2020 meetingmaterials
RAC Meeting Materials 2.27.2020RACMeetingMaterials2.27.2020
RAC meeting materials 2.28.2019RACMeetingmaterials2.28.2019Aging
RAC Meeting Materials 4.25.19RACMeetingMaterials4.25.2019RACMeetingMaterials4.25.2019
RAC Meeting Materials 5.28.2020RACMeetingMaterials5.28.2020
RAC Meeting Materials 5.30.2019RACMeetingMaterials5.2019
RAC Meeting materials 6.25.2020RACMeetingmaterials6.25.2020
RAC Meeting Materials 6.27.2019
RAC Meeting Materials 6.28.18
RAC Meeting Materials 7.23.2020RACMeetingMaterials7.2020
RAC Meeting Materials 8.1.19RAC Meeting Materials 8.1.19
RAC Meeting materials 8.2019RAC Meeting Materials 8.2019
RAC Meeting Materials 8.30.2018
RAC Meeting Materials 9.26.19RAC9.26.19 Meeting Materials
RAC meeting materials 9.27.2018
RAC Meeting Minutes
RAC Meeting Minutestem 7E – RAC Minutes draft 3.28.2019
RAC Membership Roster 20192019 Regional Advisory Council 2019 Membership Roster
RAC Minutes June
RAC Roster 2018
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix A: Public Involvement Summary
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix B: Existing Conditions
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix C: Improvement Corridors Report
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix D: Improvement Corridor Prioritization
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix E: Design Guidelines
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix F: Wayfinding
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix G: Economic Impact of Cycling
Regional Nonmotorized Transportation Sytem Plan
SARC Meeting Materials 7.6.2018
Scenario Comparison Fact Sheet
Scenario Planning Workshop AgendaTransportation
Scenario Planning Workshop PPTTransportation
Scenarios Workshop Small Group ActivityTransportation
Senior Info
Senior Insurance
September 2014