Replacing two vehicle trips each week by walking, riding a bike, or taking public transportation can keep 14 pounds of ozone-causing emissions out of our air.  A few ideas to help skip the trip: 

  • Pack a lunch or walk to  a nearby restaurant.
  • Walk, jog, or ride a bike to the gym.
  • Use public transit to get to a game, concert, or other event.
  • Combine your car trips by designating one day a week for errands.
  • provides you with a variety of alternative transportation resources, including vanpools and metro transit options. 
  • is a community posting site that allows members to post their route and offer a ride for just $7 a month. 
  • Click here to view a map of the available Park-n-Rides throughout the region.

Colorado offers some fantastic resources that help you get around – with or without a vehicle. Better yet, you can save an average of $1,500 a year from reducing gas costs.