In October 2015, PPACG was awarded a two-year grant from the Department of Defense to conduct a Joint Land Use Study. This study examines impacts of existing and future land uses and missions of five military installations in the Pikes Peak region: the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson,  Peterson Air Force Base (including Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station), and Schriever Air Force Base. This factsheet describes the project in more detail.

The study is a community-driven, cooperative, strategic planning process among the five installations, the surrounding local jurisdictions, and the State of Colorado. The goal of the study is to encourage jointly beneficial adjacent land uses.

Data collection and analysis and public input will cover:

  • Regional water supply
  • Regional stormwater management
  • Compatible alternative-energy development
  • Wildfire risk
  • Development near airfield operations
  • Regional airspace use
  • Competition for electromagnetic spectrum
  • GIS data
  • Formal policies and procedures for military participation and cross-jurisdictional coordination in community development review and planning processes


Our recent study examined the relationship between military installations and adjacent communities. This feedback will give JLUS staff a variety of perspectives and find solutions that address the concerns of both the community and the military.