In October 2015, PPACG was awarded a grant from the Department of Defense to conduct a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS). This study examines impacts of existing and future land uses and missions of five military installations: US Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base (including Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station), and Schriever Air Force Base. The study area includes El Paso, Fremont, Pueblo, and Teller Counties, and is a community-driven, cooperative, strategic planning process among the five installations, the surrounding local governments, and other local, state, and federal stakeholders. The goal of the study is to encourage land uses that are compatible with military operations in order to preserve their missions and address community impacts. A key study component is identifying shared community interests and methods for supporting partnerships that help the military and communities.


After completing research and gathering input from community partners and citizens over the past 18 months, a series of public meetings are scheduled to present results of the research and ask for citizen feedback on your role in supporting military missions and partnering with the military on shared community interests. Public Meeting topics include, but are not limited to, ambient noise, air and ground operations, transportation, stormwater/waste water, wildfire mitigation, ongoing military training, security, communication, growth trends surrounding the military installations, and how partnerships could assist with creating open space buffers around installations.


The goal of compatibility planning is to support a community where all stakeholders can successfully co-exist. Data will be collected through the JLUS Policy and Technical Committees and public outreach to identify and address land-use compatibility issues. Community and military leaders will work together to reach mutually satisfactory strategies.


The Joint Land Use Study will:
  • Promote long-term land use compatibility between the installations and surrounding community.
  • Help project the health and safety of residents and military personnel living or working in and around military installations.
  • Encourage cooperative action among military personnel, local community officials, and citizens.

Public Input Meeting Goals

  1. Provide information to the public on the JLUS, findings, and next steps.
  2. Gather public input on what “Citizen Participation” individuals believe they can contribute to preserving military missions.
Please join us to learn and share your ideas at the following public meetings.
DATE:  Monday, June 25
TIME:   5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
LOCATION:  Falcon High School – cafeteria/commons
10255 Lambert Road, Peyton, CO
Enter at the main school entrance, west side of the building.

DATE:  Tuesday, June 26

TIME:   5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Discovery Canyon Elementary School – cafetorium

1810 North Gate Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO

PARKING: Park in lot off Old Northgate Blvd., northwest end of the school.

DATE:  Thursday, June 28
TIME:   5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Fountain Fire Station #1
811 N. Santa Fe Ave., Fountain, CO
PARKING: Parking is limited. Please park along Dale Street or in the dirt lot behind the building, but do not block the fire truck bay doors.

Public Input Meeting February 23 Summary

A Public Input Meeting was held for the USAF Academy Area on Thursday, February 23, 2017, at Library 21c from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The purpose of this meeting was to:

1. Gather public input on the recommended strategies developed at this point in time
2. Provide the public with information about the issues covered by the JLUS
3. Encourage the public to stay involved and provide details on how they can continue to
provide input for this study.

Estimated attendance was approximately 100 people. Stakeholders that joined this event included local elected officials, City of Colorado Springs staff working on Plan COS (Comprehensive Plan Update), Larry Small from the Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District, CONO, and officials from the USAF Academy. Representatives from working groups attended and volunteered to assist with answering citizen’s questions. The information stations were designed to both inform citizens and ask for specific input on the draft recommended strategies and other useful input to guide staff on further issue research. Staff is processing the feedback received at the event as of the drafting of this memo. A handout was supplied along with a verbal presentation of the feedback from the meeting. Overall comments from attendees about the event were positive and that they had productive interactions with the all the staff, especially with the planning consultant team of HB&A, TetraTech, and Bachman PR, who were all essential to the success of this event.

A full meeting report is available at Feb 2017 JLUS-USAFA Public Input Meeting Report

2016 Community Survey: Military-Community Relationship

Nearly 700 people responded to a Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments survey to gauge community-military partnerships and identify areas where things are working well, as well as issues that need to be improved. The survey is part of the Joint Land Use Study. PPACG won a grant from the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment to conduct the study, which examines land-use issues related to military installations in close proximity to counties, cities, and towns.

Survey review is available at  and detailed results are at