SB 18-001 includes a provision that establishes a Multimodal Options Fund (MMOF). The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) has been allocated $6,531,199 to be utilized in the PPACG MPO area.


The PPACG MPO region has been allocated $6,531,199 and will conduct their own ‘Call for Projects’. CDOT will also be doing a ‘Call for Projects’ for areas outside of the MPO boundary. However, TAC, CAC and the BOD approved $70,000 of the MMOF funding for a Tri-county study, those funds would be taken off the top. The amount available for PPACG MPO projects is $6,461,199.


The call for projects documents and application materials can be found at the links below. Preliminary applications are due to CDOT/PPACG no later than 4/16/20 and final applications are due to PPACG staff 4/30/20. Please contact Kathryn Wenger at or 719-471-7080 x140 if you have any questions.