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PPACG serves as the regional repository for data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Colorado Demography Office, and other demographic and economic statistical data sources. This data provides a common, consistent baseline used for regional planning and other activities of PPACG and its member governments.

While some parts of the United States are experiencing declining growth rates, the Pikes Peak region is trending in the opposite direction, heading towards a million people by 2035. PPACG measures such growth through its periodic population and employment growth forecasts, and studies the implications through on-going socioeconomic research. Census data plays an important role in PPACG’s goal to produce objective regional socioeconomic data, estimates, and projections.

PPACG also provides information and technical assistance to local government officials and staff, development organizations, and others involved in regional and economic planning.

Click here to access statistical documents, research documents, and maps. Contact PPACG for additional documents.

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