Google Earth Project


PPACG now provides a range of transportation, environmental, and demographic data in Google Earth.

googleearthimageWhy Google Earth?

  • Google Earth provides an accurate, up-to-date base map that helps to put projects and other data into spatial context.
  • Google Earth is a free application with an intuitive interface. Millions have already downloaded the free viewer and are using Google Earth already.
  • The provided data files are very small and can be quickly downloaded.
  • Data can be downloaded to your local computer or, for data that changes frequently, links are provided to the data residing on PPACG's server. In this way, every time you open the downloaded link in Google Earth, you will be seeing the most recent data.

How do I install Google Earth?

  • Google Earth is free to install through the Google Earth website.
  • Click to install googleearth

Once I have installed Google Earth, how do I download the data?

  • Click on a link in the data section below.
  • Save the file with its .kmz extension anywhere on your computer. (But remember where you saved it!)
  • Next, open up "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer" and navigate to where you saved the file. Provided you have already installed Google Earth, when you double-click on the KMZ file, it will open up automatically in Google Earth.

googleearthimage2What type of data is available through Google Earth?


Roadway Information

Safety Data

Environmental Data

Demographic Information


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