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PPACG is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Colorado Springs metro area. In this capacity, PPACG must maintain a regional transportation plan and transportation improvement program that conforms to a ā€œ3Cā€ planning process (continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive), to determine investment priorities for billions of dollars in federal, state, and local funds.

Across the United States, 385 MPOs serve urban areas with populations between 50,000 to 19 million. Conceived by the 1962 Federal-Aid Highway Act, the basic concept of metropolitan planning is that roads, transit, and trails cross municipal and county lines, requiring multi-jurisdictional collaboration.

With the cooperation of two counties and seven municipalities, PPACG develops a consolidated framework for achieving a safe, efficient, and accessible transportation system that serves the needs of people in the Pikes Peak region. Collaborative planning fosters economic growth and development while minimizing transportation-related impacts.

PPACG considers various planning factors in all aspects of the metropolitan transportation planning process, including the formulation of goals, objectives, performance measures, and evaluation criteria. These factors inform the development of the metropolitan transportation plan, identification of prioritization criteria for projects and strategies, and development of other planning studies. The factors are:

  1. Support the economic vitality of the metropolitan area, especially by enabling global competitiveness, productivity, and efficiency
  2. Increase the safety of the transportation system for motorized and non-motorized users
  3. Increase the security of the transportation system for motorized and non-motorized users
  4. Increase the accessibility and mobility of people and freight
  5. Protect and enhance the environment, promote energy conservation, improve quality of life, and promote consistency between transportation improvements and state and local planned growth and economic development patterns
  6. Enhance the integration and connectivity of the transportation system, across and between modes, for people and freight
  7. Promote efficient system management and operation
  8. Emphasize the preservation of the existing transportation system

The metropolitan transportation planning process is carried out in coordination with the statewide transportation planning process lead by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

PPACG Board Meeting

The next meeting of the PPACG Board of Directors will be on
  October 14 at 9am
in the PPACG main conference room
(14 S. Chestnut St.).

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