Phyllis Campbell, retired early childhood teacher

March 14, 10-10:45 a.m.

Phyllis Campbell is a retired early childhood teacher who spent 35 years working with special needs, autistic and “at-risk” children. She has co-authored three nationally awarded curriculum books and has shared her enthusiasm for play and learning with teachers around the country.

She is also the daughter of a parent who had Alzheimer’s disease. As the disease progressed, Phyllis wanted to keep a connection with her mother. She wanted to be able to enjoy time with her mother. Phyllis did not know how and missed her opportunity.

Phyllis has taken her frustration of not being able to help her mother and combined it with her early childhood knowledge to start a company called Play to Remember. She has created a set of simple games and activities that families and caregivers can use to interact with loved ones who have dementia. Families are given a way to relax and smile again. When conversations no longer work, Phyllis gives families a way to keep connections alive.

Photo of Phyllis Campbell with her mother