Presented by Kris Geerken, Co-Director, Changing the Narrative

Monday, August 7, 4-5:30 p.m.

Ageism is an often overlooked form of discrimination affecting people of all ages, especially older adults. It’s insidious and negatively impacts our communities, health, and the economy. This presentation will explore ageism’s impact on individuals and society, its causes, and recommendations for reducing it.

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About Kris

Kris Geerken is Co-Director for Changing the Narrative. Changing the Narrative is the leading effort in the U.S. to change the way people think, talk and act about aging and ageism through evidence-based strategies and innovative public campaigns. Kris developed Changing the Narrative’s Age-Friendly Healthcare initiative, including production of the educational film, Antidotes for Ageism. In 2020, Kris partnered with a Colorado PBS station to produce a series of intergenerational conversations covering topics like the role of the arts in advancing social justice, digital divides during COVID-19, and ageism in health equity. In 2019, she led On the same pAGE, a campaign of intergenerational conversations on ageism. In addition, she is an Adjunct Instructor at Metropolitan State University of Denver teaching the course, Aging and Society. Kris holds a Master of Health Administration degree and a B.S. in Human Development with a concentration in aging issues.

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