PPACG works with local communities and stakeholders to address water-quality concerns throughout the region, and is responsible for reviewing applications for new and modified wastewater-treatment facilities. Staff also works with various local and statewide groups to update water-quality policies and standards.

PPACG convened the Arkansas and Fountain Coalition for Urban River Evaluation, or AF CURE, in 2012 to help the 11 wastewater-discharging entities in El Paso and Pueblo counties develop a collaborative water-quality monitoring plan. The group collects, analyzes, and shares data from water samples throughout the region, and developed a white paper outlining water-quality concerns in the region. Learn more at www.afcure.org.

Advisory committees

The Water Quality Management Committee advises the PPACG Board and staff on current and emerging issues, goals, plans, and programs affecting water quality in the Pikes Peak region, aids in the review of site applications, and helps develop the region’s water-quality management plan.


Ann M. Werner

Senior Military & Environmental Planner


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