Who is a Family Caregiver?
A Family Caregiver can be a son, son in law, grandson or nephew; daughter, daughter in law, granddaughter or niece; wife or husband.
The person can also be a neighbor, friend, or church member.

What does a Family Caregiver do?

The Family Caregiver is helping the person with everyday tasks without being paid for providing that assistance.
Assistance includes things like errands, yard work, shopping, getting to appointments, meals, housework and/or minor physical assistance like getting out of chairs, or even providing reminders about dressing, personal hygiene or taking their medications.

Being a family caregiver is so confusing. I don’t know what to do or where to start.
This is a very common feeling shared by a lot of family caregivers. It can be very confusing to try and figure what is needed and where to go.
The best place to start is to contact our Family Caregiver Specialist at 719-886-7526 to arrange a family caregiver consultation.

What is involved with a consultation?

A consultation is a face to face meeting with our Family Caregiving Specialist to talk about the specific and unique details of your caregiving situation.
• Each consultation lasts about an hour.
• During the consultation our caregiving specialist will provide you with information about resources in the area you can access to support you in your caregiving responsibilities.
• Some of the discussion will also center on resources available to assist you in coping with the emotional challenges that come with caring for a family member.

Why do I need to have a consultation?
Caring for a loved one can be emotionally and physically challenging. Each caregiving situation is unique but a typical family caregiver is trying to work full time, care for their own family as well as helping their older family member. The consultations will help you to better understand the challenges you face and resources you can use to make caregiving easier to handle.

Does the person I am caring for need to come with me?

No. The consultation is to help you, the caregiver. By informing you of the resources and how to access the resources you will be better equipped and more confident providing care for your parent/family member.

What resources are available to help me as a family caregiver?
Specific resources will depend on your individual situation. But community resources include medical, legal, financial, housing and support services to assist caregivers in coping with the physical and emotional challenges of family caregiving.

My parents live out of state. Can I still use the services of the Family Caregiver Support Center?
Yes. Our Family Caregiver Specialist will assist you over the phone. For more complex situations you may want to schedule a caregiver consultation with our specialist to discuss your specific concerns in greater detail.

I live out of state. My parents live in the Colorado Springs area. Can I use the Family Caregiver Support Center?
Yes. You can call the center and speak with our Family Caregiver Specialist. Our specialist will address your concerns and provide you with needed resource information. The Family Caregiver Specialist may ask you to consider setting up a consultation appointment during the time you come to visit your parents.

What is respite care?

Respite care is a special type of care for the purpose of giving the family caregiver a short break from the caregiving. Most respite care in this community is provided in the home or at a day care center through the Family Caregiver Respite Voucher program. It’s important for family caregivers to give themselves short breaks from the caregiving demands. Doing so helps them to be a better caregiver for their family member.

I need respite care. How can I get started?
Call our Family Caregiver Specialist at 719-886-7526 to schedule an appointment. At the appointment the Caregiver Respite Voucher program will be explained and detailed and paperwork will be completed allowing you to participate in the program.

What are the Family Caregiver Respite Voucher program requirements?

The 1st requirement is that the Care Receiver, the family member being cared for, must be 60 years of age or older.
The 2nd requirement is that the Care Receiver, must be dependent in at least 2 of the 6 Activities of Daily Living.

Should I quit my job in order to care for mom and dad?
Each caregiving situation is different. Our Family Caregiver Specialist will help you identify the pros and cons of such a decision so you can make an informed decision that best suits your specific situation.

Everything is so expensive. My parents don’t have a lot of money to pay for extra help. What can I do?
Your parent/family member may qualify for Medicaid Long Term Care. Our Family Caregiver Specialist can explain the benefits of the program and how to qualify for it. We also have Medicare/Medicaid Care Managers here at the Area Agency on Aging who can assist you with completing and submitting the application. There is a lot of misinformation about Medicaid. We can help by providing you with accurate and correct information.

How can the caregiver get paid to care for their family member?

Being paid as the caregiver for your family member will require the family member you are caring for to qualify for the Medicaid Long Term Care program. Our Family Caregiver Specialist will be able to provide you with more information on the qualification requirements. You can call 719-886-7526 or send an email to seniorinfo@ppacg.org to request the information.

I’m interested in taking one or both of the evidenced based courses sponsored by the Family Caregiver Support Center. How can I get information about when they are being offered?
You can call 719-886-7526 to request the information or you send an email to seniorinfo@ppacg.org.

Are there support groups for family caregivers?

Yes. You can obtain information about those groups by calling 719-886-7526 or by emailing seniorinfo@ppacg.org.

Do you do presentations to community, church or civic groups about family caregiving?
Yes. To schedule a presentation contact our Family Caregiver Specialist at 719-886-7526. There is no fee associated with the presentation but a donation is always appreciated to support the work of the Family Caregiver Support Center.