Presented by Richard Rigdon, Denver and Seattle Regional Public Affairs, Social Security Administration

Monday, August 21, 4-5:30 p.m.

As you begin to approach retirement, you may see a flood of information that may or may not be fully accurate. The session will attempt to clarify and address specific Social Security topics including benefits calculations, benefit eligibility factors, application process, an overview of all the different benefits Social Security administers and more.

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About Richard

Richard Rigdon began his career with SSA in 2016 as a Claims Specialist in Twin Falls, ID. He specialized in retirement, survivors, Medicare and disability claims and served as a mentor for new hires in the Idaho district. He previously served another temporary rotation as Management Support Specialist with his Idaho management team to provide support to three Idaho offices. He is currently on a temporary detail as the acting Public Affairs Specialist in Colorado and provides outreach events for the public. His specialization has allowed him to share information to the public and provide in-depth understanding to the public about SSA programs.

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