Transportation planning for the Pikes Peak region is a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive process to help ensure mobility, safety, and efficiency in our transportation system. The planning process provides the information, tools, and community outreach needed to improve transportation system performance. It includes extensive coordination with federal, state, and local agencies, as well as ongoing outreach to stakeholders throughout our planning area.

The boxes below link to pages describing some of the transportation department’s major projects and tasks, including: the Long Range Transportation Plan; the Small Area Forecast; Non-Motorized Transportation and Transit (Walk-Bike-Ride); the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP); and the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). Also see our list of frequently asked questions about Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and transportation planning.


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Transportation Staff

Jason O’Brien
Transportation Planner
John Liosatos
Transportation Director
Kathryn Wenger
Senior Transportation Planner
Mark Northrop
Senior Transportation Planner
Philip Roy
GIS Analyst
William Mast, GISP
GIS Admin & Modeling Lead


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2040 Plan Chapter 2: Regional Setting
2040 Plan Chapter 3: Planning Process
2040 Plan Chapter 1: Introduction
2040 Plan Chapter 15: Air-Quality Conformity
2040 Plan Chapter 14: Mitigation and Monitoring
2040 Plan Chapter 13: Public Health + Transportation
Transportation Advisory Committee January 19th, 2017
2040 Plan Chapter 11: Regional Transportation Security
2040 Plan Appendix F: Regional Non-motorized Plan
2040 RTP Transit-Appendix E2040 RTP Transit-Appendix E is part of the 2040 plan.
2030 Sustainability Plan
TAC Roster
TAC February Meeting Materials
TAC Roster
June 2017 TAC Minutes
TAC Meeting Materials June
TAC Minutes June 2017
TAC Meeting Materials 7-20-17
Special TAC Meeting Materials
TIP Regulations and PPACG Policies
FY 2017-2022 TIP Amendments 1-10 & Admin. Changes 1-6
TAC Meeting Materials 8-17-17
Specialized Transportation Plan
Regional Nonmotorized Transportation Sytem Plan
LEP Plan
Title VI Plan
2040 LRTP- Chapter 1
2040 LRTP- Chapter 2
2040 LRTP- Chapter 3
2040 LRTP- Chapter 4
2040 LRTP- Chapter 5
2040 LRTP- Chapter 6
2040 LRTP- Chapter 7
2040 LRTP- Chapter 8
2040 LRTP- Chapter 9
2040 LRTP- Chapter 10
2040 LRTP- Chapter 11
2040 LRTP- Chapter 12
2040 LRTP- Chapter 13
2040 LRTP- Chapter 14
2040 LRTP- Chapter 15
2040 LRTP- Chapter 8
2040 LRTP Appendix A- Public Participation Plan
2040 LRTP Appendix B- CDOT Revenue Estimates
2040 LRTP Appendix C- Specialized Transportation
2040 LRTP Appendix D- 2040 Small Area Forecast
2040 LRTP Appendix E- 2040 RTP Transit
2040 LRTP Appendix F- Regional Non-motorized Plan
2040 LRTP Appendix G- Indicator Methodology And Scenario Outcomes
2040 LRTP Appendix H- CMP Corridor Plans
2040 LRTP Appendix I- 2016-2019 TIP
2040 LRTP Appendix J- Traffic Noise Analysis
2040 LRTP Appendix K- Integrated Regional Mitigation Plan
2040 LRTP Appendix L- Title VI Environmental Justice
2040 LRTP Appendix M- Safety Research Report
TAC Meeting Materials 9-29-17
TAC Meeting Materials 10-19-17
Chapter 8 – Implementation Plan
TAC 11-16-17 Meeting Materials
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix A: Public Involvement Summary
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix B: Existing Conditions
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix C: Improvement Corridors Report
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix D: Improvement Corridor Prioritization
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix E: Design Guidelines
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix F: Wayfinding
Regional Nonmotorized Plan Appendix G: Economic Impact of Cycling
TAC Meeting Materials 12-21-17
TAC 12-21-17 Minutes
January 18, 2018 TAC Packet
1-18-18 TAC Meeting Materials
TAC Meeting Materials 2-15-18
Public Participation Plan
TAC Meeting Materials – April 2018
Unified Planning Work Program (FY 2018 & 2019)
TAC 4.2018
TAC Meeting Materials 5.17.2018
PPACG Certification Report
2045 Long Range Transportation Plan Goals Survey Results
Goals Workshop Presentation
Scenario Planning Workshop Agenda
Scenarios Workshop Small Group Activity
Scenario Planning Workshop PPT
TAC Roster 6.18
TAC Meeting Materials 6-21-18
Small Area Forecast Change Maps
Transportation Boundaries Map
Special TAC Meeting Agenda
FY 2018 & 2019 Unified Planning Work Program (Amended 7-11-18)Missing Attachment
Full TIp 2019-2022 Board Approved with approvals 071718Missing Attachment
TAC Meeting Materials 8-16-18
TAC Meeting Minutes
FY 2019-2022 TIP with Amend 1 and Admin 3
Transportation Advisory Committee 9.20.2018 Meeting Materials
Full 2019-2022 Board Approved Packet – with approvals/amend
TAC Meeting Minutes August 2018
TAC Meeting Materials October 18, 2018MeetingMaterialsTAC10.18.18
Scenario Comparison Fact Sheet
document test transport
TAC Meeting Materials 11.15.18TAC Meeting materials 11.15.2018
TAC Roster 12.2018TAC ROSTER 12.18
TAC Meeting materials 12.20.2018TACmeetingmaterials12.20.18
FFY 2018 Annual Listing of Federally Obligated ProjectsThe  documents will download automatically if not please click here.
2019 Draft Public Participation Plan
TAC 1.17.2019 meeting materialsTAC 1.17.2019 meetingmaterials
TAC Roster 1.2019TAC ROSTER 1.19
TAC 2.21.2019 Meeting MaterialsTAC2.21.2019MeetingMaterials
TAC meeting materials 3.21.2019TAC Meetingmaterials3.21.2019
TAC minutes 3.2019Item 7C – 3-21-19 TAC Meeting Minutes
TAC Meeting materials 4.18.19TACMeetingMaterials4.18.19
TAC Meeting Materials 5.16.19TACMeetingmaterials5.16.19TACMeetingmaterials5.16.19TACMeetingTACMeetingmaterials5.16.19materials5.16.19
TAC Roster 7.2019TAC ROSTER 7.19
TAC July 18, 2019TACMeetingMaterials7.18.19
TAC Meeting Materials 8.15.19TACMeetingMaterials8.15.19
TAC Meeting Materials 9.19.2019TACMeetingMaterials9.19.2019TACMeetingMaterials9.19.2019
TAC Meeting Materials 10.17.19TACMeetingMaterials10.2019
TAC Meeting materials 11.21.2019TAC MeetingMaterials11.21.19
TAC 12.19.19 meeting materialsTAC12.19.19 MeetingmaterialsTAC12.19.19 Meetingmaterials
TAC Meeting Materials 1.16.20TAC Meeting Materials 1.16.2020TAC Meeting Materials 1.16.2020TAC Meeting Materials 1.16.2020
TAC Meeting Materials 2.20.20TACMeetingMaterials2.20.20TACMeetingMaterials2.20.20
TAC Meeting Materials 3.19.2020
TAC Meeting Materials 4.16.2020TACMeetingMaterials4.2020
TAC Meeting Materials 5.21.20TACMeetingmaterials5.21.20
TAC 6.18.2020TACMeetngmaterials6.18.20
TAC Meeting Materials 7.2020TACmeetingmaterials7.2020
TAC meeting materials 8.20.20TACMeetingMaterials8.2020
TAC Meeting materials 9.17.20209.17.2020 TAC meetingmaterials
TAC meeting materials 10.15.20
TAC Meeting Materials 11.2020TAC Meeting materials 11.2020
TAC Meeting materials 12.17.20TACMeetingMaterials12.17.20
TAC Special Meeting 12.30.2012.30.20MeetingMaterials
TAC Special Meeting 1.11.21TACSpecialMeetingMaterials1.11.21
TAC Meeting materials 1.21.21TACMeetingMaterials1.21.21
Special TAC meeting materials 2.1.2021Special TAC meeting Materials 2.1.21
TAC Meeting Materials 2.18.21
TAC Roster 2.2021TAC ROSTER 2.2021
TAC Meeting Materials 3.18.21TACMeetingmaterials3.2021TACMeetingmaterials3.2021
TAC 4.15.21 meeting materialsTACMeetingmaterials4.15.21
TAC meeting materials 5.20.2021TAC MeetingMaterials 5.20.2021
TAC Meeting Materials 6.17.2021
TAC Meeting Materials 7.15.21TACMeetingmaterials7.15.21
FY2022-2025 TIP Appendix D
FY2022-2025 TIP Appendix K
FY2022-2025 TIP Appendix J
FY2022-2025 TIP Appendix F
FY2022-2025 TIP Appendix D
FY2022-2025 TIP Appendix A
Full FY2022-2025 TIP
FY2022-2025 TIP Appendix E
FY2022-2025 TIP Appendix G