Transportation planning for the Pikes Peak region is a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive process to help ensure mobility, safety, and efficiency in our transportation system. The planning process provides the information, tools, and community outreach needed to improve transportation system performance. It includes extensive coordination with federal, state, and local agencies, as well as ongoing outreach to stakeholders throughout our planning area.

The boxes below link to pages describing some of the transportation department’s major projects and tasks, including the Long Range Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Active Transporation Plan, and Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). Also see our list of frequently asked questions about Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and transportation planning.


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Transportation Staff

Danelle Miller
Senior Transportation Planner
Casey Fortman
GIS Planner
Trish Trent-Iaquinta
Regional Traffic Safety Champion
Jessi Therrien
GIS Technician
Jason O’Brien
Sr. Transportation Planner
Jessica Bechtel
Transportation Programming & Project Delivery Planner
John Liosatos
Transportation Director
Philip Roy
GIS Analyst
William Mast, GISP
GIS Admin & Modeling Lead