Two types of maps were created to summarize model output – change maps and density maps. The change maps show whether a given transportation analysis zone (TAZ) is predicted to gain or lose jobs and/or residential units (RUs) during the forecast period (2015 to 2045). The density maps show the number of jobs or residential units per acre in 2015, 2030, and 2045.



  • Each map window contains several data sets, representing the three land use scenarios and jobs/residential units. Check and un-check boxes to view one data set at a time. If multiple data sets are selected, only the layer on top will be visible.
  • Zoom in and out, and pan around the map to view different areas within the region.
  • Click on any zone to display its attributes.
  • Click the “View map” link (under each map) to view the map in a new, full-page window.


Change Maps (Jobs and Residential Units)


Job Density Maps


Residential Unit Density Maps