The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) Tri-County Transportation Study is a stakeholder-led multimodal transportation study of El Paso, Teller, and Park counties focusing on the rural mobility needs of the full geographic region to determine how regional networks serve those needs and identify opportunities to further enhance connectivity and resiliency. The study contains a defined regional network, a set of initiatives and projects, and a conceptual implementation and funding plan.

Phase 1 of the study yielded 88 initiatives related to transit, trails/active transportation, roadways, emergency/incident management and hazard mitigation, and technology and communication. Seventeen of those initiatives were then selected as priority initiatives and were examined further in Phase 2 of the study. A listing of funding sources was included as a separate stand-alone document and database, which can be accessed below.

The Tri-County Study was adopted by the PPACG Board of Directors on October 12, 2022. Details on the Tri-County Study may be made available in alternative formats or languages upon request. For more information, contact Senior Transportation Planner Jason O’Brien at

Funding Guide

The Funding Guide has been prepared as part of the Tri-County Transportation Study to serve as a resource for member jurisdictions to use when applying for funding to implement the initiatives and projects featured in the Tri-County Study, as well as other local transportation priorities. This guide is intended to simplify the process of sorting through potential funding sources and supplement sponsoring and participating agencies’ funding sources.

View the Funding Guide

Funding Opportunities Inventory

The Funding Opportunities Inventory below was prepared as part of the Tri-County Transportation Study. Please click sign-in to view, or you may download the Excel spreadsheet here. This inventory is sortable.